Need a car, van or truck? Need that earth moving equipment or new oven? Let us finance your much-needed acquisition and help your business grow.

Purchase and own your vehicle or equipment immediately with no upfront cost. Our vehicle and equipment finance options let you keep the cash you have got to keep the business running while enjoying potential tax benefits.

Here at UBF we specialise in helping small business and the self-employed with their financial needs and we have been doing it since 1998. We understand small business because we are a small business too.

We can help you when the others can’t.

Who is Vehicle and Equipment Financing suitable for?

  • Business seeking expansion and growth.
  • Increasing revenue with limited cash flow.
  • Flexible repayment options for maximising tax incentives.


What are the benefits of purchasing vehicles and equipment through financing?

Taking out a loan to purchase vehicles and equipment allow the vehicle or equipment to be used to generate income straight away with a minimum initial payment. This allows the money you would normally spend to be kept in the business for its day to day operations. The flexible repayment options can be tailored to your cash flow. The interest component of the repayments and the depreciation on the equipment may be claimed as tax deductions, provided the equipment is used to generate assessable income.

What kinds of equipment can I get finance for?

Examples of equipment which we can finance include:

  • Manufacturing equipment, such as forklifts and guillotines.
  • Kitchen equipment, such as ovens and stoves.
  • Agricultural equipment, such as tractors and harvesters.
  • Health equipment, such as medical imagine machines and dental chairs.
  • Office equipment, such as furniture, computers and fixtures.

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