Credit card debit? Business loan? Car loan? All of the above? Simplify your life by making just one repayment on a lower interest rate. Let us help.

Loan consolidation bundles all of your debts into one, allowing you to handle it with a single easy repayment. Save money and save time with

Less paperwork, less fees, less hassle

Here at UBF we specialise in helping small business and the self-employed with their financial needs and we have been doing it since 1998. We understand small business because we are a small business too.

We can help you when the others can’t.

Who is Loan Consolidation suitable for?

  • Having multiple repayments to multiple sources.
  • High interest rates on certain debt, such as credit card.
  • Unable to manage multiple due dates and multiple loan terms.


What is loan consolidation?

Loan consolidation is when you refinance and combine all of your loans and debts into a single loan and have only one repayment for all of them.

What kind of loan can be consolidated?

Loans you can consolidate include:

  • Home loans
  • Car loans
  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Tax debt

How can loan consolidation benefit me?

If you have several debts such as credit card debt, a car loan and a personal loan, they each have a different interest rate ranging from 10-25% and a different repayment amount and a different due date for each. You could potentially save a significant amount of money if you could refinance all these debt into your home loan at a rate of 4%.


In addition to being charged a lower interest rate, refinancing to consolidate all of your loans means all of the debts are combined into one single repayment. This means you will not find yourself juggling with multiple bills, and you will not need to pay fees for all of your separate debt facilities.

Having multiple different repayments also mean multiple terms and conditions for those loans. When you consolidate all the debts into one, you are able to have a single loan term meaning you will have a clean and concise time frame on when all of your debts will be settled.

Can I consolidate ATO debt?

Yes, consolidating ATO debt makes good financial sense because they apply harsh penalties to those that accrue an ATO debt. The payment plan for the debt often align poorly with the circumstances of the business. This has the potential to lead to crippling cash flow problems.


It is better to refinance and pay off your ATO debt as soon as possible and make your repayments with a more understanding lender like us.