Looking to start or expand your business? Do you want to clear away your tax debt? Having access to funds in a timely manner is crucial to the success of a small business. We can provide that.

Growth opportunities and unexpected challenges pop up when you are running a business. Whether it is to purchase inventory or clearing away tax debt we can help you with short to long term solutions which will let your business succeed.

Here at UBF we specialise in helping small business and the self-employed with their financial needs and we have been doing it since 1998. We understand small business because we are a small business too.

We can help you when the others can’t.

Who is Business Finance suitable for?

  • Businesses seeking expansion or a kick-start.

  • Increasing cash flow and managing fluctuations.

  • Clearing ATO debt or paying GST.


How can business finance help me?

Even a successful business can have cash flow problems. Here at UBF we have a variety of business finance options to suit your needs.

Having access to readily available funds lead to an increase in cash flow which will allow your business to pay your staff and your suppliers on time. Honouring its financial obligations in a timely manner allows a business to build relationships with its suppliers which will have long term benefits for the business.

Business opportunities such as buying a significant amount of stock at reduced prices can arise unexpectedly. Such opportunities is vital to maximising profit and having funds available in a timely manner allow businesses to be in a position to take advantage of these favourable conditions.

Business seeking to increase revenue through expansion or equipment purchases often struggle to come up with the necessary funds. Even successful businesses often have cash flow issues and this is the main reason why they hold off on such endeavours. Our business finance options can help you purchase that vehicle or open that second location. No more turning away a potentially large client because the business is unable to service his needs.

For businesses with existing loans and debts have the option to refinance and consolidate all of their debts into a new loan. This can be a worthwhile option because the new loan will take advantage of the current record low interest rates and save on your monthly repayment amount. By consolidating your debts into one you spend less time keeping track of multiple repayments. If you have an ATO debt with a repayment plan which does not suit your business it is often easier and cheaper to refinance to pay off this debt and make repayments with a more understanding lender.

Can I still obtain business finance if the bank had already said no?

There are many reasons why banks declined your application but the main reason is because banks are very averse to risk. This especially true in the current economic environment as loan applications which would normally be approved are rejected because the banks are now operating with a stricter lending criteria. Often banks have a referred list of sectors and industries they like dealing with and your business just happened to fall outside their referred bracket.

UBF specialises in helping small businesses and we take the time to understand your business. Our assessment criteria are flexible each loan application is judged on its individual merits. We assess a range of factors so we can determine your requirement and objective for finance.

Can I still apply for business finance if the business is currently trading at a loss?

It is not uncommon for businesses to be trading at a loss. It could be for a variety of reasons such as the business coming out of a recession or for accounting purposes. Making losses for genuine reasons is fine as long as the fundamentals of the business is strong. Trading at a loss can mean that the banks will say no to your application but for us at UBF it is simply a case of matching your situation to a commercial lender that will accept it. While it may mean funding comes at a higher cost, it certainly does not rule out the potential to obtain finance.

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