Banks will not talk you because you are self-employed? Are your financials not up to date? Having your own business should not be a barrier to getting a loan. We can help.

Low-doc loans are catered towards those who are self-employed and thus cannot provide the traditional PAYG payslips. We broaden the avenues with our low-doc loans and consider alternative and flexible choices of supporting documents in order to prove your income.

Here at UBF we specialise in helping small business and the self-employed with their financial needs and we have been doing it since 1998. We understand small business because we are a small business too.

We can help you when the others can’t.

Who is Low Doc Loan suitable for?

  • Self-employed or owners of small business.

  • Lacking financial statements and up to date tax returns.

  • Receiving cash income.


What is a Low Doc loan?

Low-doc loans are designed for people who are business owners, sole traders, contractors and anyone else who is self-employed. Instead of asking for payslips to prove your income, we assess your application with alternative documentations which the self-employed are able to provide.

Is it hard to get a home loan if I’m self-employed?

Lenders want to evidence of your income when you apply for a home loan. The most common form of evidence such as PAYG payslips and Group Certificates from the employer. However, these documents are not available for those who are self-employed and because of this traditional lenders such as banks treat these people differently which often result in the self-employed applicants being turned away for a home loan.

Here at UBF we treat the self-employed applicant like anyone else. We offer a range of low-doc home loan options specifically designed for just these circumstances.

What are my options for a home loan if I’m self-employed?

Those who are self-employed and are seeking a home loan should not think traditional lenders like banks are their only option. UBF has a range of low-doc lending solutions for the self-employed applicants because we offer flexible ways to verify your income. We consider different streams of income such as business income, rental income from investment properties and the strengths of underlying assets.

What other documentations would I need for my low-doc loan application.

Examples of other documentation which will be required can include:

  • Forms of Identification
  • Your Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Evidence of the length of your self-employed in the same industry
  • Location of the property you wish to purchase
  • Location of the security property

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